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Puttinu Cares London Premises Propsal

Who is Puttinu Cares?

Puttinu Cares is a children’s cancer support group which was set up 14 years ago soon after the opening of a specialized Paediatric Oncology Unit in Hospital, now known as Rainbow Ward. The support group offers guidance for the patient and relatives, helps them deal with the ordeal ahead and gives them hope for a brighter future. The team gets to know the families and aims to treat each family with individual needs.

Puttinu offers help when families need to go abroad to pursue any kind of further treatment in UK. Government covers all medical costs. Puttinu provides the necessary accommodation with stays that can stretch to weeks, months and even years in U.K for both the patients and their respective parent/carer.

Since 2008 we have started, slowly, purchasing apartments and today we own 19 apartments in Sutton. The support group have however been receiving requests for help from people suffering from various conditions, and not just from Cancer. We realised that in order to be able to help all these people with accommodation we require more than just the 19 apartments in Sutton. In fact since last December 2014 we started renting another 7 apartments near the Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton. This means that 26 apartments are available to hundreds of families in their time of need. Currently, approximately 70-90 patients are having treatment in the UK every month.

Furthermore, there are a great number of patients who are, at present, being treated at Great Ormond, National and Moorefields and other Hospitals which lie in Zone 1. To cater for these patients and their carers, we require a piece of land on which an approximate 2,400 sq. m. building can be built or an existing building for conversion in thirty to forty units along the Piccadilly Line between Cockfosters and Heathrow Airport.

The importance of supporting patients when they are undertaking therapy away from home is paramount. Providing accommodation close to the hospital not only alleviates the financial burden but is also an important ingredient in the sick child’s cure. Having their parents and siblings close at hand when they are going through these difficult times.

Puttinu Cares London Premises Propsal


Puttinu Cares London Premises Propsal Puttinu Cares London Premises Propsal
Puttinu Cares London Premises Propsal Puttinu Cares London Premises Propsal
Puttinu Cares London Premises Propsal


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