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Looking forward to continue with my life...

Today 30th January I am celebrating my sixteenth birthday and on this special day I would like to deeply thank Dr.Calvagna first and foremost, as well as the other doctors and the nursing staff of Rainbow Ward for their patience and continuous support when I mostly needed it. They encouraged me to fight my battle against cancer. I would also like to thank Dr. Eric Farrugia and or Dr. Nick Refalo. 

I can still recall the first day when I was admitted to Rainbow Ward. I was very tired and in a lot of pain. For me, as well as for whole family, the diagnosis had been a shocking experience. But the Ward environment and the teamwork on the part of the staff encouraged me and made me feel as if I was within another caring family. The first words that they told my parents, which I cannot forget, were: “You take care of your son and we’ll take care of everything else.” These were words of encouragement and increased my determination. 

I am also very grateful to Dr.Calvagna and the staff for nominating me for a holiday in Rome. There I went to watch a football match at the ‘Stadio Olimpico’ of Roma vs Milan and I also had the opportunity to meet my idol Francesco Totti. For all this my thanks also go to the Ladybird Foundation who organised this pleasant experience. Me and my family really needed this break after what we had been through. Today I am looking forward to continue with my life. Thank you Puttinu Cares for all your support. May you continue to help all those who need it – like I did. 

Yandrick Cassar

Looking forward to continue with my life...


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