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Everyone is welcome to be part of this family

Since I was a child, it was always a dream that when I grow up I will be working with children. When I grew older I got to know about Puttinu Cares through media but I never knew what it takes to be a volunteer. I don't know where this wish came from, especially knowing that I'm not a hospital person.. 

I was using facebook when I saw a call for volunteers with Puttinu Cares. I went for the first meeting and decided to join. 

After a couple of times visiting the children at Rainbow ward, I met a little boy. He stole my heart. We decided that I will be assisting Miguel at with his school work on behalf of Puttinu Cares. Two years passed and now we are really good friends. We've experienced some disappointments together but also good times. One of the nicest experiences was Miguel's First Holy Communion in Lourdes. Puttinu Cares is one big family which I am so pleased to be part of!

Everyone is welcome to be part of this family and it is one of the most satisfying things that someone can do.

Everyone is welcome to be part of this family


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