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Puttinu Cares and Volunteers

Changing people’s lives is easier with everyone’s help.

Puttinu Cares is synonymous with supporting children undergoing treatment for cancer. Unfortunately, there are many other children, youths and adults going through rough times who’ve been suddenly faced with a serious illness or an accident that has completely overhauled their lives.

We decided that we also have to help individuals (no matter what age) who have their lives turned upside-down because of serious illnesses or accidents.

On a regular basis we receive requests for help, these can vary from a request for someone to assist a sick child with homework, assistance to find how IT can help a disabled person be more independent, assistance for home refurbishments of families whose father is now unable to provide due to a serious accident, etc. 

Every case is unique and we can’t predict all the types of requests for help we’ll receive. 

What we know for sure is that we need help beyond our internal resources. We’re getting in touch with NGOs that are already helping individuals in need such as the Foundation for Information Technology Accessibility (FITA) and the National Commission for Persons with Disabilities (KNPD). 

We need the help of NGOs, individuals and companies to dedicate mostly their time to help individuals in need. 

Volunteers will not be needed everyday throughout a year. It depends on what cases we have, the kind of help requested and when, and volunteers’ abilities that match requests. 

If you have time and skills to offer, please join us and become one of our volunteers.

We will keep you updated with requests we receive, and the help needed. 

We’d like to establish a network of trusted volunteers, with a variety of abilities, so that we’ll be able to tap into this network of volunteers when a case crops up and needs particular help.

Fill in the Volunteers’ registration form and send it by email at so that we can get in touch with you.  




Puttinu Cares and Volunteers


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